The Network of Law and Justice Faculty is an affiliate of the Accrediting Commission for Law and Justice Education. The Network was created to provide a forum where faculty engaged in the teaching and instruction of these disciplines could meet to exchange and disseminate their insights and expertise relative to exemplary education practices in the law and justice disciplines. The Network also serves as a mechanism for the distribution of new ideas, new practices, model courseware, and the discussion of how higher education institutions can best serve the law and justice professions through curricular strategy. The Network of Law and Justice Faculty is not a membership association. There are no dues required for participation. Instead, the Network operates as an open forum, for use by all faculty within the discipline and is provided to advance their individual understanding of the law and justice professions, as well as to serve as a repository and forum for the free exchange of insights about the academic relevance and applicability of their vision to the law and justice profession.

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